Dayna B
Dayna B

Professional Past

When you work like a monster for several years, it seems natural to have a massive list of all accomplished. So since resumes are limited to the "one page" rule, I decided to create a *detailed* listicle breakdown of everything I've done in my various titled roles. Here it is: 


Cbus Chic - Event Creation

Cbus Chic - Networking 

Organized & brainstormed local events, connecting with potential advertisers + sponsors. As well as reaching out to local influencers + bloggers to attend.

Promoted Cbus Chic by attending 3+ networking events every other week. Events ranged from pop-up shops, new store openings, women’s networking mixers, fashion shows, & influencer meet-ups.


Cbus Chic - Publisher & Editor

Crafted editorial calendar (based off monthly theme, with 5-7 articles), sourced interviews, wrote, & edited posts, as well as creating social media voice, publishing schedule, & advertiser leads. Also maintained social media channels, doubling IG following, plus creating weekly IG series “Shoutout Saturday” (promoting past features current achievements), & designed graphic for “Shameless Plug Sunday”

513Now PM.png

614 Media Group - Social Media

Posted & interacted on 614Now’s social media channels (Facebook & Twitter), growing presence, speaking in “brand voice,” and scheduling + linking blog content. Also oversaw test run/launch of Cincinnati version: 513Now on Twitter.


614 Media Group - 614Now AM

Read & evaluated daily news stories to condense for local flash news site. Wrote 5-7 news recaps in pithy tone during AM shifts (15-20 recaps during occasional full AM + PM shifts).


Cake & Whiskey - Asst. to Editor

Oversaw daily tasks for production on quarterly women’s business magazine; writer & photographer submissions, product acquisition + return for photo shoots. Wrote article for Summer issue, as well as press release for Publisher, Pinterest campaign for the new office, and connecting with influencer to have issue included in subscription box.


TWB - Website, Social Media

Maintained front page of website: posting relevant news articles, reposting blog content, recruiting # bloggers every month, & editing + posting their submissions. Wrote weekly “In Her Business” blog series. Additionally recruited bloggers for TWB side project: The Girl’s Book, while running the social media accounts as well. Likewise, scheduled social media posts for TWB accounts.

print editing.png

The Women’s Book - Editor

Established visual & creative direction of quarterly themed magazine alongside Publisher & Graphic Designer. Made Editorial Calendar for publication, tracking submissions, arranging photo shoots, laying out magazine & ad placement (coordinating with Business Development Manager to track/store ad submissions). Lastly, wrote 3+ articles for each issue, including “Letter from the Editor.”


TWB - Community Books

Oversaw creation of (3) annual city-specific publications (cross between resource guide + magazine) ft’ing profiles of prominent businesswomen. Arranging photo shoot, brainstorming theme + style, page layout, general editing, setting up interviews, & writer submissions. Began initial launch of 4th community book for San Francisco/Bay Area (in addition to Columbus, Cincinnati, & Cleveland/Northeast OH). Watch example video here.


TWB - Event Staff

Worked as event staff, organize swag bags, check-in, & run of show. Sometimes acting as social media point person/promoter & event photographer. Events ranged from Annual magazine and community book releases, women in business networking meet & greets, & shopping scavenger hunts. Watch Annual Book Release ft’ing Arianna Huffington video here.


TWB - IHB Video Series

Produced biweekly video series focusing on local women in business. Generated list of potential interviewees, set-up video shoots (3 shoots a day/once a month). Watch samples of series here (+ spot me in some of the b-roll).


TWB - Subscription Book Club

Monthly (women) business book club subscription service. Picked & packaged books, recorded author interviews, maintained website & email list, and recorded coaching calls that connected lessons from each month's book. Watch a promo video here.