MUN Is Fun

Apparently, drastic things happen when I'm given unfettered authority. Apparently, when your high school advisor gives no oversight and lets you do whatever you want ... you get me seizing absolute power. And establishing unquestioned rule. 

Welcome to the story of how I became a Model United Nations dictator. And yes, that Parks & Rec episode was a pretty accurate representation. 

When I was a Sophomore in high school, my parents suggested that I join a club. "Get those extracurriculars in for college," they said. So I joined Model United Nations. It was a small club, with only five of us - I knew one or two people in it already - and it seemed relatively nerdy for my academic mindset. Plus I figured it would look good on college applications. 

And thus the power hunger began. 

Model United Nations (MUN) was fun. I got to research and learn new stuff. Gossip and argue politely with others in practice and at competition.* At the end of the year though, three of my team members were graduating; meaning that myself and my other friend were up to be President of club. I saw that he wasn't really interested in committing to a role (he was involved in a few things already), so I voiced that I should be President. Our advisor agreed and so my reign as leader of MUN was solidified. 

But how does that make me a dictator? Well, as Junior year progressed, I made several of my friends join the team. I got people to sign-up and attend meetings by "gifting" them doughnuts. When the end of the year came, our advisor agreed with me that we didn't need to hold elections. "Dayna is already President, so she'll just continuing that," he informed everyone. 

I then announced that my best friend would be VP, and proceeded to assign my other friends roles within the club. I might have also "suggested" who should be President + VP after my friends and I graduated. 

If there's a lesson to be learned in all this, it might be that absolute power corrupts absolutely. But I don't think that's it. Because I was absolutely the best MUN leader. 


*If you were curious about where me & my team primarily competed: LEIMUN (Lake Eire International Model United Nations)