Game of Theories
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Because there are as many fan theories in Game of Thrones as there are characters, my friend (and twice roommate) Laura and I decided to chit chat about a few. So if you've got 30+ minutes, take a listen to us prattle on about HBO's current claim-to-fame. That might seem kinda long, but then again, you've probably sat through GoT opening credits ... so this really should be like no time at all. 


There will be spoilers abound for both the books and TV show. 

But to give you an idea of what we talked about, we each shared two theories we like and one we don't. So here's the breakdown:

Dayna's 1st Theory - Wylla and Ashara Dayne
Laura's 1st Theory - Azor Ahai ... baby? 
Dayna's 2nd Theory - Who are the Whitewalkers? 
Laura's 2nd Theory - Bran as the Night King  
Dayna's Hated Theory - Is X Cersei's son? 
Laura's Hated Theory - Jamie Lannister is The Prince that was Promised

Places Laura and I visit to learn more about GoT:


Photo taken by me, playing with the magnets on the office fridge
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