Geeking Out

Jordan Ellis was looking for the perfect way to interact with the geeky community after sevens years of running her fashion brand Jordanene. "I discovered the amazing community that is geek culture," shares Ellis.


While Ellis gets to meet some incredible people through her job there, she realized that she was actually caring less about fashion & more about the relationships she'd been able to build because of the clothing brand. So The Sartorial Geek became that perfect way to interact with the geeky community & highlight the cool things happening there in a way that just wasn't possible before.

The Sartorial Geek is a quarterly magazine promoting nerd culture, girl power, & general good vibes. Ellis explains that they release a new issue at the beginning of every season & cover all kinds of geeky goodness from interviews with creators, reflections on pop-culture,short stories, gorgeous illustrations, & crossword puzzles & activities.

"We try to tell stories that may not otherwise be told," explains Ellis. Adding that, "instead of always looking on stage, we want to talk to the people working hard behind the scenes. We want to highlight the people who have really cool things to say but don't necessarily have 100k Instagram followers (though some of them do). We try to celebrate geek culture in an inclusive & positive way." 

Ellis expresses that there is just so much talent in the geeky community. "All of our contributing writers are incredible," she shares. "We've been lucky to work with absolutely brilliant artists who make every page stand out. Our designers put everything together so beautifully, & our editors have done an incredible job weaving everything together. It really does take a village, & our village is incredible," she says. 

The team at The Sartorial Geek, Ellis says, wants everyone to realize they're not alone. "Many of us grew up feeling really different from the people around us, & we love that The Sartorial Geek is a way to bring together different communities & give everyone a place that can feel like home." 



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If you want more from The Sartorial Geek, take a listen to their weekly podcast: The Sartorial GeekPodcast. They also have monthly events in Brooklyn (with hopes to expand), & keep an updated list of the conventions they'll be at on their events page. Plus they hang out in a very fun community at

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