Zen As Fuck

Lindsay Istace lives in Calgary, AB and is the founder of Rage Yoga

Rage Yoga is an alternative approach to yoga. "We have louder classes, heavier music, and more colourful language," explains Istace. The atmosphere is laid back and inclusive. "It's not about creating anger or holding onto it. It's about getting on your mat, letting down your walls, and letting go of whatever it is you're holding onto," she adds. 

They do that by using a combination of music, movement, breath, and language. Istace says that in some moments it's loud and intense, in some others it's somber and quiet. And sometimes it's light and silly.

For Istace, Rage Yoga came about during a tough breakup when her emotions started seeping into her personal practice. She shares how, "at first it made me feel like I was failing in my practice and like that messy emotional stuff was supposed to stay off of my mat." But eventually she found that pairing the two made healing easier. 

Her friends were really supportive of the idea and she pitched the first Rage Yoga class to a festival, where it was met with surprising positivity. "The number one comment I heard was that it was great to have a space to let the uncomfortable stuff out and that pairing it with a class flow was incredibly powerful," she continues. It seemed like something people wanted that wasn't being offered, so she dived in. 

"It's not for everyone," Istace cautions. "But if you like yoga, heavier music, and the occasional bad joke, it might be for you." 


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