Dark & Doomy

Tina Moroney has been teaching yoga for almost three years and is the founder of Black Widow Yoga, an independently-run yoga concept in Salem, MA. Black Widow Yoga uses metal music in classes instead of traditional yoga music. It aims to challenge your understanding of what yoga means to each individual, and to encourage every outsider to harness the energy within that truly connects to doomy and dark music.

Black Widow Yoga started in January 2017, a year after Moroney's father’s death from cancer. While he was sick, she tried to coupe with her depression through yoga. But doing her personal practice to traditional or pop music felt insincere. Then she began practicing to doom and heavy metal music; which felt more honest to what she was going through.

Moroney started Black Widow Yoga to share her experience with others who also might feel lost or unaccepted in the yoga world. She learned that the most beautiful things can come from the darkest of places. 

"Metal yoga is for everyone," Moroney says. Adding that it's for every body type, every gender, every level. Her focus in class is all about loving yourself, and learning not to judge yourself. She believes that compassion and empathy starts with learning to show yourself the love you aim to share. And she believes that connecting to that place within ourselves is aided not only with yoga, but with the heavy metal music that runs through your body during a yoga practice.

"Yoga is for everyone, and everyone should feel accepted when they practice," Moroney extolls.


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