The Age of Aquarian

Ally Sands is an herbalist & rockhound. She's been working with healing crystals for about 12 years. Around five years ago, she started Aquarian Soul with the intention of combining the healing powers of crystals into skincare. "Our tagline is 'making your beauty routine a sacred ritual,'" she shares.

"It's about turning an everyday practice that can be seen as mundane into a special time set aside to focus on yourself," Sands explains. She goes on to say that, just like yoga is a moving meditation, the act of massaging your own body in an herb & crystal infused body oil is a meditation of your physical being. "Aquarian Soul is based in the healing energies crystals can bring you both mentally & physically, not just as an aesthetic," she says. 

Herbs & Crystals DIY.jpg

Sands also recently wrote a book (Herbs & Crystals DIY: Use Plant Medicine and Crystal Energy to Heal the Mind and Body) based around the same things her business was founded on: herbs & crystals.

For those who haven’t been following Sands since before she began Aquarian Soul, she started off with a blog where the majority of the content was 'do it yourself' projects. "I love giving other people inspiration to create their own projects," she expresses.

The book covers a lot of beauty recipes, but also healing remedies, teas, mandalas, home décor, ritual items, & lots more. According to Sands, it's basically a one stop shop for anything related to crafting with herbs & crystals.

"Writing my book is a dream come true," shares Sands. 

Crystals are a part of your body, just as minerals make up the earth; you're made of minerals & water just like crystals, explains Sands. "We're intrinsically connected," she reveals.

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"Crystals aren't only beautiful to look at & instantaneously brighten your mood," begins Sands. "They work on an energetic level, helping balance & attune your body. It works in subtle & sometimes powerful ways depending on how sensitive you are," she explains. Adding that she likes to use them in layouts on the body, & while meditating.  

Sands continues by sharing how herbalism & crystal healing are both powerful on their own, but when used in combination, it’s the ultimate powerhouse.

"I originally began putting crystals in my own homemade products to help combat my migraine headaches & sore muscles in the form of massage oils," shares Sands.

Adding that she would drop one of her quartz crystals in the oil & use it to give herself crystal massages. She pontificates that, "I already used crystals to help relieve these issues, so why not include them in the actual product to infuse it so other people could use it as well." 


Check out Ally Sand & Aquarian Soul's feature in Zine It over on my Instagram (click here). Get to know more about Aquarian Soul here, plus order a copy of the Herbs & Crystals DIY here