Three Times A Feature

I have a rule about asking for features, interviews, & whatnot. Make a list. Then triple it.

That way, about 2/3 of the asks will get back to you (with a yes), and then a third of that will actually send the materials you need for a feature. And sometimes, you get a "we'd love to, but can't commit right now." So for this Feature Friday -- because caring is sharing -- I'm spotlighting three brands who I reached out to, but couldn't do an official feature. 


Art+Feminism is a campaign whose goal is to increase the number of cis & trans women, feminism, & the arts on Wikipedia. Through Art+Feminism, you can edit solo or with a group, adding more to Wikipedia about all gender identities & expressions. 

2018 is the campaign's fifth year. And in March, they hosted 300+ events globally. But they're always on the hunt, looking for edit-a-thon partners, organizers, & particpants. If you're interested in any of that, learn more by clicking here


Kiyanna & Jannah are the duo behind BLK MKT Vintage, an online collection + shop of black vintage collectibles, furnishings, & cultural curiosities. This year, they're taking the virtual into the physical by opening a brick-and-mortar in Brooklyn, NY. 

You learn more about the upcoming store by checking out their recently completed INDIEGOGO campaign. And there's also the option to sign up for their email list, so you can see new news, collabs, & upcoming (pop-up) events. 


Leomie Anderson started LAPP (Leomie Anderson the Project the Purpose) in 2016 because she wanted clothes that embodied young women's style & social issues. Anderson wanted a line that spoke to the stance lots of young women & girls face in society today. 

Her first collection was all about "saying no" and other phrases women use to against misogyny. For Anderson & LAPP, it's all about making women feel confident, proud, & positive about themselves & their bodies. All while creating a space to share about women's issues. 


Read past Feature Fridays here & here. Photos from brands Facebook. 

Check out more & shop from BLK MKT Vintage by visiting their website (click here & here). Follow BLK MKT Vintage on Instagram: @blkmktvintage, plus follow on Spotify: BLK Vintage Cool.

Check out more from Art+Feminism by visiting their website (click here). Follow on Instagram: @artandfem, plus #artandfeminism & #noweditingaf.   

Check out more & shop from LAPP The Brand by visiting their website (click here & here). Follow LAPP on Instagram: @lappthebrand, plus Founder Leomie Anderson: @leomieanderson


Photo credit: Amy Shamblen via Unsplash