All For Beauty

In January of this year, Isabella Giancarlo & Laura Kraber launched Fluide, an all-genders collection of cruelty-free beauty products designed for all skin shades & all gender expressions. 

"Fluide is inspired by people who are defying cultural expectations & gender norms to actively create & express their authentic selves," explains co-founder Laura Kraber. Adding that self-expression helps to pave the way for those who'll come after. 

Kraber shares that inclusivity is the primary goal for Fluide. "We hope to evolve the mainstream conception of "beauty' while promoting authentic self-expression & positive self-image," she says. Fluide believes that beauty is playful & fun, and also political & powerful.

Giving back is also central to Fluide's mission. They donate a portion of every sale to non-profits which support health & legal rights of the LGBTQ community; starting with Callen Lorde & the Sylvia Rivera Law Project.

Kraber goes on to share how Fluide wanted to honor the importance of safe spaces for the LGBTQ community by naming the lip & nail shades after queer spaces around the globe. "Before choosing a name, we ask permission from the privately owned clubs & bars," she says. Adding that they also highlight queer public spaces such as beaches.

"Our Poodle Beach liquid lipstick pays tribute to a beach in Rehoboth Beach, DE. And we have nail polish named after Cherry Grove, in Fire Island, NY & Riis beach in Brooklyn, NY," explains Kraber.

Fluide's launch line includes liquid lipsticks, nail polish, & glitter. "We love color & sparkle & the power of primary colors to brighten your face, your hands, & your day," expresses Kraber. 


Kraber goes on the explain how Fluide's glitter is high quality & mixes well with their lipsticks & nail polishes for creating your own, unique looks. She adds that all of their products are cruelty-free, manufactured in the USA, & free of parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, & triclosan.

And while the blue liquid lipstick, Q-Train, is the top-seller, their Uncuffed Collection (which launched with Jacob Tobia) has also been very popular. Kraber shares that they just sold out of the Rosemont shade of red liquid lipstick from the collection, but more is coming soon. 

Kraber adds that another top seller is the 7-free nail polish in House of Yes: a silver glitter polish "that gets more intense with each coat & is great for layering with other colors," she says. 

And be ready for new shades & products, which Kraber teases are in the works for 2018. 

Kraber says she knows consumers have a lot of brands to choose from, so creating a new makeup line is challenging on so many levels. But she says that "we’ve received a ton of supportive & affirming feedback since the launch, which has been really wonderful."

Kraber goes on to share that they're incredibly grateful to all of the people who have reached out on social media or via email & expressed their excitement about Fluide. "It’s incredibly inspiring," she says.

For Kraber and Fluide, partnering with like-minded individuals & businesses is personally very satisfying & has been so helpful as they get started. She voices that, "we hope to continue to work with other brands, influencers, & media outlets to spread the word about Fluide." 


Check out more & shop from Fluide by visiting their website (click here). And follow Fluide on instagram: @fluidebeauty. Plus, send any questions their way: "We’d love to hear from you," says Kraber.

Photo via Fluide, with model Jacob Tobia (click here), photographer Morgan T. Stuart (click here), makeup by Theo Kogan (click here), & hair by mischa g (click here). Photo via Fluide.