Women's Words

Ashley Rector, a corporate attorney, wanted a space for women to share their stories; raw, unfiltered, and diverse. She created Harness, an online platform for women to submit and share their stories. 

"Real stories. Real advice. Real women," that's the tagline Harness advocates on its site. Rector and Harness's goal is to give readers a look at what it's like being a woman. And that comes from the articles to artwork they publish on the site and in the recently launched print edition

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Harness Magazine Issue #1 features artwork and stories from a wide variety of women. Like artwork depicting inspirational quotes on the first few pages, advice to a 14 -year-old-self, and poetry, the premiere print edition is a testament to the power and creativity of women. 

The magazine ends with a few blank pages for readers to jot down notes, insights, scribble doodles, or really express themselves however those pages call to them. But it's the opening dedication that really sets the tone for the issue: 

This is dedicated to all the women who found the courage to share their story.

Who believed in the power of their voice.

Who changed so many people with their words and artwork.

We are in awe of you.
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Harness is an empowering force for women to share their voices and visions. The online and print publications (yep! Issue #2 will be coming out this Summer) are amazing platforms.

I'm happy to not only share about Harness, but also to brag that it started in my hometown through people I admire. 


Learn more about Harness by clicking here. You can also purchase a copy of Issue #1 here.

And if you're in Columbus, OH, celebrate the release of Issue #2 on July 15th (click here). Reach out to Harness:  info@harnessmagazine.com -- they're always accepting contributions, so send your piece today.

Photos from Harness Facebook & Screenshots 

*FYI: I am a brand ambassador for Harness. That means that I didn't get any money or whatnot for this post, but it was in my wheelhouse to talk about the awesomeness of Harness