Whether you think it’s a clever wordplay on “suffering” or portmanteau wordplay on the rage felt when elections don’t go the way you want, I wanted to voice my appreciation & advocating of voting.

The midterms are coming up this week (Nov. 6), & no matter where you fall on the party lines, it’s important to remember that voting is a hard earned right — especially for those who aren’t (land-owning) white men.

Remember that time #repealthe19th was a thing? Like only 2 years ago.

Because I sure as shit do.

My political prowess might not be that grand, but I always make sure to vote. Growing up, I was also a year + change older than most of my classmates. I turned 18 at the end of my junior year of High School & remember registering to vote with my parents. I would go after school & vote in local elections & even the 2006 Midterms.

When my High School had/encouraged everyone to register during our senior Government class, I proudly raised my hand to opt-out because I was already registered. When I got to college, I was thrilled to get my absentee ballot & vote in the Presidential election. I have continually made the effort to vote in every election I can.

So I’m glad that as a woman, my voice matters. Because once, it wasn’t. Once, my voice would have been deemed inconsequential. But not any more. Even though some people think that it should be taken away, I’ll continue to sing my suffraging.

 *Notable highlight for me: remember the ladies (shoutout to Abigail Adams)

- - -

Check out more about voting thx to this awesome list from Ladies Get Paid (click here), which features a voter guide, a spreadsheet tracking women nominees this Midterm, & links to organizations you can get involved with — like Run for Something (which helps elect Millennials into office).

You can also watch Drunk History’s “Civil Rights” episode (s5e5) on the UK suffragists too.

Image Credit: Screenshot, “Bad Romance - Women’s Suffrage” music video from Soomo Learning