When The Weekend Is Over ...

… and you have you say goodbye to your real self for a few days. But the farewell isn’t that awful thanks to the hilarity of Medieval Reacts — the first Instagram meme page to caption medieval paintings with relatable & accurate first world problems for users entertainment.

Screen Shot Medieval Reacts 1.png

After the success of the original page on Twitter, Medieval Reacts decided it was time to move onto another social media channel. That was when they noticed there wasn’t a page like it on Instagram. “We wanted to be the first to bring that to the platform & the users,” shares the team.

Since starting the page in 2015 and creating content for 3 years now, Medieval Reacts’ creator explains that, “it’s actually not as easy as many people think to make a large page with quality content unless you have a unique concept that users can engage & connect with on a deep level.”

The team also realizes that in order to keep growing, you need to have a disciplined schedule in which you create & distribute posts to keep users engaged & active. “But this can be hard sometimes due to other responsibilities such as school & work,” they share.

They go on to say how, when a page becomes successful & gains attention, you find a lot of people will create alternative duplications of the page & will copy the content for self gain. Adding, “that can be frustrating & impact your page negatively as this has happened to us many times including some that even now have more followers just for taking credit of our work.”

But, they ultimately realize the power of managing such an influential page & how it can impact users + the people running it. Detailing how the page can be used as a platform to reach out to a large amount of users whether that be them or other pages, brands, or businesses through promotions. This reach allows for the page to become a business as it’ll be able to generate income from posting stories & timeline posts featuring a product or brand sharing it with their followers who could become potential consumers.

And while many users don’t agree with promotions & advertisements as it’s not relevant to the page (& is probably not the reason they followed & engaged with it in the first place — which can lead to less engagement & loss of following that can damage the pages platform & reputation). The team behind Medieval Reacts see it differently.

“We believe that users shouldn’t frown upon promotions where the page is generating income because after all, the page is providing a free service & creating content for users entertainment, & therefore should be allowed to take advantage of some benefits that come with managing such a highly followed page,” they explain.

In the beginning, Medieval Reacts didn’t use promotions or sponsors (despite being contacted by Uber & Three) because they wanted to maintain the pages quality during its early development stage. They also were aware of the negative impact it could have on growth & reputation. “Therefore, we wanted to reach a certain number of followers before we considered generating income from the page,” they point out.

Screen Shot Medieval Reacts 2.png

Ultimately, Medieval Reacts believe that the reason users engage with the content well is because the captions are relatable to a majority of users. And they say, “having them alongside medieval paintings adds to the entertainment factor because normally, those paintings are depicted in such a unique way which tends to be overly dramatized or complete randomness.”

They're a page aiming to provide entertainment & hoping users are entertained by the content that is created & posted. Adding how they, “like to think we're also showcasing medieval art & that people will appreciate the paintings.”

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Check out more from Medieval Reacts by visiting their Instagram: @MedievalReacts.

AND you can contact them directly by email: MedievalReacts@hotmail.com.

If you want to react medievally, they accept submissions from users/followers. If you send something in, they’ll review the image & caption submitted; if successful, they’ll feature it on the page with full credit. They love doing user/follower submissions because it helps the page become a community where anyone can contribute & showcase their ideas + skills.