Meadingful Motivation

It's Tuesday night, and I'm sitting on the floor. I'm not alone though, there are several others around me. There's the casual back-and-forth of conservation as all of us await the start of the night's event: Mead & Meditation. 

Mead & Meditation is the first event of its kind. Put together by Balm Skincare and The Beauty Boost, and hosted by Brothers Drake (a meadery that I frequent & happen to live very close to*). It's an evening of yoga + meditation led by Rachel Kerr of The Beauty Boost, a talk from Lindsey Moeller of Balm Skincare, and mead from Brothers Drake Meadery. 

I'm here because sometime Monday afternoon, the event popped up again in my newsfeed and that part of my brain that guilts me into being social got too persistent to ignore. So I headed over to Eventbrite and reserved my ticket. 

I've taken several of Rachel's yoga classes before, and even been to a yoga class that also incorporated a little facial scrub treatment from Balm. And given my affinity for mead, I knew this event was something I would enjoy. And honestly, would be good for me. 

I tend to spend most of my days sitting solo in front of the computer screen; so chances to interact with people and move about are generally encouraged. 

Lindsey started the evening by talking a little about the event, and how Balm and mead make a great fit. Balm is about the natural aspects and treating our bodies + skin in a healthy and consciousness way. And mead - or honey wine - uses those natural elements too. Honey is also one of Balm's favorite ingredients. And Lindsey let us know that Balm had gift bags for us at the end of the night.  

She then handed the evening over to Rachel, who started the 45 minute yoga flow with a quote that we could keep in mind as a kind of intention. 

There are times when we stop, we sit still. We listen and breezes from a whole other world begin to whisper.
— James Carroll

The yoga flow was pretty light, with a focus more on holding poses longer and really taking note of your breathing. Which I sometimes find difficult, especially when my mind keeps going: wait!?! we're holding Pigeon Pose for a FULL minute on each side!?! You can see that thought reflected on my face in the first photo. 

After the yoga flow, Rachel led us with guided meditation for a few minutes. She then had us focus on our own meditation; all in all, having us meditate for about 15 minutes. 

We ended the night with a glass of mead. I went with Brothers Drake's newest mead: The Pollinator -- a sweet & tart cyser mead made with pressed apples and raw honey.

And since honey was the theme of the night (at least for me), naturally (*wink* pun) I nabbed the goodie bag that had the raw honey facial cleanser (+ buffing grains, face cream, & toning water).

Mead & Meditation was a coming together of some of favorite people and places. And while it was the first event of its kind, I can't wait for the second, and third, and fourth ...   


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*This in no way factored into my choice of where to live (*wink*)