Honoring The Divine Feminine & Her Many Manifestations

Jamila Kani serves many roles and has many titles: alchemist, catalyst, ritualist, devotee of the Divine . . . ultimately, she's a Soul Guide.

"I assist people in the work of Soul Retrieval, helping them to align with their truth and walk in their power and purpose. All of my wisdom and gifts serve this one, ultimate purpose," explains Kani. She's also the force behind Black Femme Witches Brew

Black Femme Witches Brew (BFWB) embodies a planetary shift that embraces and honors the Divine Feminine in her many manifestations. "It's an activation, a summoning to return to ourselves and wield our power as conscious creators," she shares. 

Adding, "my work is in service of the Great Mother/Divine Feminine, so naturally, BFWB centers women and feminine of center beings." 

Kani started BFWB at a time when she was pulled deeper into her own soul retrieval work. "Instinctively, I sought to learn more about the magical/spiritual traditions and technologies of my ancestors," she begins. But in her research, Kani found that a lot of the resources were whitewashed. "So, I decided to create a community for black/ melanin dominant women to learn about our ancestral magical/spiritual traditions and systems from and with one another," she says. 

That’s how Black Femme Witches Brew was birthed. "That's also a long winded way to say that BFWB also centers black/melanin dominant women," Kani adds. "But I'm very intentional about educating black women about who we truly are and how to access and use the magic that we naturally possess," she explains. 

And if you're wondering how Kani advises we embrace the message of BFWB in our everyday lives, her message is simple: 


Kani continues by quoting Alice Walker: the most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.

"There are so many ways people relinquish their power on a day to day, moment to moment basis. To embrace the message of BFWB, you must first believe that you have power. You must then make it your goal to find out what that power is and how to use it," Kani spells out. 


Kani also extolls the virtues of BFWB's hashtag: #levelupyourjuju:

2018 (which equals 11) is a master year! There is powerful energy coming in throughout the year to help us clear old grids and timelines so that we can shift from 3D into 5D (the New Earth). Many people are consciously or unconsciously tapping into this energy and having spiritual awakenings as a result.

They suddenly find themselves drawn to occult knowledge, metaphysics, and ancient technologies (magic). The study of which will activate sacred wisdom and super natural abilities that have been dormant within them. This is also a necessary component of the ascension into the New Earth.  

"#levelupyourjuju is a call for people to take praxis (knowledge) and put it into practice. Stand fully in your magic and wield it masterfully to create the life and the world that you want to experience," details Kani. 


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