A Spellbinding (Pod)Cast

Pam Grossman is a writer, curator, and practicing witch whose projects focus on the overlap between art & magic. She's also the creator + host of The Witch Wave podcast. 

The Witch Wave is a podcast for bewitching conversation about magic, creativity, & culture. On each episode, Grossman speaks with a leading visionary about art & Craft. "Sometimes the guests are literal witches, but often they're creators, thinkers, & leaders who incorporate magical concepts into their work," explains Grossman. 

Grossman goes on the say how the podcast celebrates the archetype of the witch in all her guises; it seeks to expand the definition of what a witch is, & to demonstrate that witches come in infinite forms. "I aim to make each episode informative, irreverent, & illuminating," she shares. 

And for Grossman, she also loves the diversity of her guests. "I've gotten to speak with people of all different genders, sexualities, backgrounds, & beliefs," she says. Adding that each guest manifests magic in their own unique way. "Whether I'm interviewing a tarot expert, a comic book artist, or a dominatrix, I always learn something new. Which I can then incorporate into my own life & practice," she shares.

Grossman also says it's been amazing to see a virtual coven of listeners form around the show. Extolling how, "together, we're building our own community of curious, witchly weirdlings who're conjuring more creativity & compassion into the world."


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Photo by Shannon Taggart (click here).