An Intuitive Shop

Ryan Trinh, the Assistant Manager at House of Intuition Sunset, has been with HOI for 3 years. He also has the privilege of being one of their readers who performs tarot readings, bone readings, & I-Ching readings. 


As a long standing customer, employee, & reader who experiences HOI's mission statement personally, Trinh says their mission is to help others onto their life path, empower & transform their clients, & help them grow into their highest potential. "Whether that's through classes, readings, guidance, or items to help reinstate their own power," he explains. 

Trinh says that for customers coming to HOI, the takeaway he encourages is to always remember that you're not a victim of your circumstance, & that you have the ability to change your life for the better.  "Especially in our line of work, we always try to encourage others to follow the path they're meant to follow.  And if it's difficult, you can also use a candle or crystal to help yourself out," he adds. 


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