Criss Cross & It Won't Stop

Sometimes you ask the universe for a change. And the universe responds by giving you work that's exactly what you've pretty much been doing. 

That basically means I've been blogging for people, talking about happenings, people, & historical tidbits. And I'm here to give you a quick glance on three sites who're currently featuring words written by me:


Wanna know what's happening with fab + fit retailer Bend Active? Click on the BEND BLOG & you'll find me posting about all of their happenings. I've recapped June's Girls Night Out Spa Night, BEND's in-store + vendor events for July, plus some insight into the creation of International Yoga Day

Head over to the BEND BLOG by clicking here



I've written two pieces for CityPulse. A Beginner's Guide for this year's Arts Fest, plus a People Profile on Chelsea Konieczko, co-founder of Vernacular. Be on the lookout for more People Profiles from me in the coming weeks. 

"Chelsea Konieczko calls herself a hyper local because she & her husband actually bought the house they grew up in. For her, Columbus has everything they enjoy about a bigger city without the big crowds and traffic. And being only 10 minutes from the airport, they can always escape if a change of scenery is needed. But who needs a change of scenery when Vernacular, the store Konieczko and her husband own, offers some of the best styles and accents for shoppers?" 

Read the rest of the piece by clicking here.


I've written for Willow Layne before on the history of the bra. This time around, I shared about the creation of the brassiere, which eventually becomes what we all know as the modern bra. I even talked about the controversy behind several retailers who all claim to have invented the brassiere. Including Caresse Crosby*, who supposedly spoke this gem:

“I can’t say the brassiere will ever take as great a place in history as the steamboat, but I did invent it.”  

Read the rest of the piece by clicking here. And read my past piece for Willow Layne here, plus check out Mentionables (Willow Layne's blog) here. 

Photo credit: Chelsea Konieczko