Bewitching Beauty

A self-coined Beauty Witch shares her tips on how to bring a bit of witchiness to your beauty routine. 

Jade Taylor has been a beauty writer for almost a decade, but she's a natural-born witch. She also just moved from Brooklyn to New Orleans at the start of the year. "And my sun sign is Sagittarius," she adds by way of introduction. 

Taylor talks about she started professionally writing after moving to NYC in 2008. And what started off as a string of internships at magazines led to a job at NYLON, where she climbed from Beauty Assistant to Beauty Director of the magazine from 2011-2017. "Until the magazine sadly and abruptly folded last year," she says. 

Beauty Witch is actually a cheeky term Taylor coined to describe herself for a column she freelance writes for L’Officiel. "I think it [Beauty Witch] sums me up pretty well," she tells me. Explaining how she's been intersecting the beauty and metaphysical worlds for years through her work. "And I’m one of those rare birds who can speak fluently in both," Taylor shares. 

Taylor also shared with me some simple ways your can bring a little witchiness into your (beauty routine) lives: 

"There are a few different things one can do," Taylor starts off.  Noting that the first thing, however, is to recognize that a beauty routine is really a self-care routine. "With that being said," she cautions, "be conscious of what you’re applying to/on yourself." And if you want to get a little witchy with your products, research some brands that infuse these practices into their offerings.

A few of Taylor's favorites:

"But please also support your local witches!" exclaims Taylor. She emphasizes how she's always buying and testing out local products sold at her nearby herb, metaphysical, or natural-food shops. "Not only to support them, but also because herbalists near you are likely using native plants to your environment; which'll work more harmoniously with your body chemistry," she adds. 

Taylor is also really into “charging” products on her altar. Especially oils and waters, to use during ritual or moon work. "And I’m a super D.I.Y. witch," she adds. Sharing that she experiments a lot with her own blends using essential oils, herbs, and candle magic. Which leads Taylor to talking about ... baths!

Candle + Tub.jpg

"Baths are hands down the easiest thing anyone can do to feel magical, and it’s the ultimate self-care treat," extolls Taylor. She says, for example, the next time you take a bath, place a crystal, a few drops of essential oils, and a sprinkle of herbs in the water with you. "If you’re not sure which ones to add, let your intuition guide you and decide for you," she advises. "It’s the easiest step you can take as a beginner, and it'll only make your bath experience better, trust me," she shares. 

Taylor is a firm believer in the “there’s no wrong way to do anything as long as you have the best intention behind it” motto. But she also respectfully likes to reiterate, "please use your common sense and do your research before introducing anything new into your routine." 


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Photo: House of Intuition FB, w/ candle artwork + picture: Aquarian Soul