Printed Premiere

In Brooklyn, something new is being released on the Spring and Fall Equinoxes: Venefica Magazine. This community-supported premiere publication from Catland Books features commentary, art, poetry, & spell craft from a selection of their favorite occulture writers & artists.

"Venefica seeks to continue the legacy of the witch by conjuring her rebel archetype -- the poisoner, the protestor, the one who generates chaos in a quest for freedom & wilderness," explains Melissa Madara, co-owner at Catland Books (Brooklyn's occult bookshop + community space). 

Through education, artwork, & storytelling, Madara says they seek to provide practical tools & radical inspiration for those looking to tap into these powerful energies. "And to feed the wild, rebellious witch in everyone," she adds. 

Since Catland opened five years ago, they've always been interested in publishing. And Madara shares that this magazine is the culmination of that effort.

"We're also interested in bringing our unique philosophy to a broader stage," Madara says. She explains how their vision combines practical, accessible magick with radical politics to form a perspective that's rebellious, empowering, "and in keeping with our understanding of witchcraft traditions throughout history."

For Madara, her favorite highlight from starting this project was being able to work with a local print house in Brooklyn (Rolling Press) that enabled them to print the entire magazine by using wind power, eco safe inks, & 100% post consumer paper. "This really helped us bring another level of integrity to the project," she highlights. 

Madara also shares that they'd love readers to feel a sense of connection to a broader community of witches & rebels - not just in Brooklyn - but everywhere.

Says Madara, "we want people to read this magazine & feel something familiar & powerful stir within themselves. And feel inspired to explore their magical & rebellious nature." 


Learn more + order a copy of Venefica Magazine by clicking here. And check out Catland Books by clicking here

Illustration by @misswhiskeyginger (click here). Venefica Magazine cover photographer is Brian James Finnegan (click here) with model @aliensauce (click here).