A Rocking Enterprise

Rock & Co is a space where you can find crystals & other wellness products to help with grounding & supporting when you're making changes or shifts in life.

Rachel Crethar, the force behind Rock & Co, shares that, what started out as simply a creative platform for her has become a real passion into supporting people that are working on making some shifts in their lives.

"That could mean providing a crystal that helps open their heart chakra while they're healing from some heartbreak, or supporting them with grounding oils & stones during times of change," Crethar explains. 

"People should know that they may not have a ‘relationship’ with every crystal they own at the same time," reminds Crethar. She goes on to detail how, "there are some crystals that have come into my life & created a shift straight away. And then there are others that simply have a calming vibration which have given me comfort. While others that are with me that at the moment are purely there for beauty; but I feel so attached to them that I know I'll need them in future."

Crethar advises you to try not to over think it when choosing a crystal. She says, "intuitively pick a stone that's calling you & that's the right one for you - maybe for right now, maybe for the future."


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