A Crystalizing Spirit

Brittany is a Crystal Temptress, self-taught entrepreneur, & artist from NYC who has been living in Brazil the past 3 years. She's also the force behind Occult Kitten.


Occult Kitten is her fully realised magical self & a portal to a place of uninhibited expression. Brittany clarifies how, "occult represents darkness, secret, mystery, & the shadow self. Kitten represents innocence, vulnerability, playfulness, & the light self." She goes on to explain how combining the names expresses the empowerment when both aspects are integrated harmoniously.

"The mission is to empower souls with the transformative healing energy of crystals, so that their spirit is transcended to a magical world of their own creation," says Brittany.

Brittany also shares her advice for anyone wanting to use crystals in their life. She says, "start by listening to your inner voice. Instead of turning to others or books, let your intuition naturally guide you to the crystals you're drawn to. This way you can have your own authentic, eye-opening experiences!"


Check out Brittany & Occult Kitten's feature in Zine It over on my Instagram (click here). Get to know more about Occult Kitten here & follow her IG: @occultkittencollection.

Photos provided by Occult Kitten