A Stone's Glow

Gemstone Organic is a radically holistic skincare brand transforming the way you honor beauty.

"When we're encouraged to be present, to express love & gratitude for our bodies through our skin, we'll begin to exude that love & positivity," begins Gemstone Organic Chief Alchemist + Moon Mama Debra Haugen. She goes on, reminding you that, "by recognizing the multidimensional planes of what make us beautiful & then balancing those aspects with plant & gemstone therapies, we'll begin to heal inside as well as out."

Haugen explains that using a tool like skincare can help you set intentions throughout the day, & encourages you in your own personal movement of growth.

Gemstone Organic products are formulated with a powerful trifecta: a unique combination of plants + waters + minerals. Haugen details how these ingredients are consciously collected & woven together in a way that preserves their high vibrational healing potential. "Healthy & vibrant skin is only the first step in you journey to becoming beautiful," she extolls.  

The line was created with five unique handcrafted face & healing cremes that'll leave your skin soft, smooth, & glowing from the inside out. Each creme is made with 100% organic, raw, food-grade ingredients in small batches to keep them high vibrational & nutrient dense.


For example Haugen talks about the high-vibrational 5-Step Facial, which lets you experience all of Gemstone Organic's healing facial products in one easy package:

  • Cleanse skin daily
  • Steam & masque weekly
  • Help detox your complexion while softening & clearing pores

Haugen's gemstone essences balance your energy & emotional body, into an experience of multidimensional healing. "When we find our inner balance, we're able to emanate our inner beauty," she says. Adding, "when we're connected in mind, body, & spirit we radiate & glow beyond the surface of our skin."

That's why Gemstone Organic approaches skincare on a much deeper level than has been seen before. Haugen shares, "we're our most beautiful when we feel whole, healthy, & happy."


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