Let's Give 'Em Something To Blog About

Ugh! here's another blog for you to politely claim you read when you see me. But hey, I've made peace with the notion that saying: "I have a blog," is like screaming into the void that is the internets. But here I am ... attempting to put my two-cents into the blog'osphere. 

I'm no expert or fashionista. And my photography skills are limited to stock photos and a few good pics I manage to snap with my iPhone. 

More than likely, I'll type about pop-culture like books, movies, TV, and general geeky things. Other times, I might manage to put my professional pantsuit on, and will share about the workshops, networking events, conferences, and whatnot that I attend. 

But really, anything in my brain is fair game. It is my after all. 


Photo Credit: Mikayla Mallek @mikaylamallek via Unplash