Rolling With The Flow

Looking for a beauty routine that'll keep you vibrant without needles, treatments, & chemicals? Skin Gym is here, providing natural beauty tools for quick, effective, & natural facelift solutions. 


Founder Karina Sulzer says your face deserves a workout too. Her line of crystal rollers, massage wands, & beauty tools gives you the means to circulate blood flow, improve your skin tone, & generally give you face a cooling touch of beauty. 

Here's how to workout your face, according to Skin Gym: 

  • Step 1: Apply your favorite serum, oil, moisturizer or mask
  • Step 2: Starting on the chin, work from the center outward & upward on the cheeks. Then at the center, make sweeping rolls under the chin towards the collar bone, working outwards to the sides of the neck
  • Step 3: Roll the crystal facial roller starting from the center of your neck, rolling upwards & outwards. Continue this motion on each section of your face


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