Illuminating Beauty

Laurie "Lolo" Gregory started Saint Main from a passion for creating beauty & a profound reverence for the power of spirituality. "We believe that beauty is a way of life comprised of divine intentions, grace, & sacred rituals that celebrate mind, body, & soul," shares Lolo. 

Lolo explains how SAINT MAIN's products are lovingly made in small batches with only the highest level of curated natural ingredients, & how each product is blessed by a Shaman for divine intentions of love & light. She adds that "precious essential oils & healing crystals inspire magical transformation & luminous beauty." 

The SAINT MAIN candles, blessed by mystical healers, are blended with precious sacred essential oils & poured into bespoke vessels. Lolo details how, hidden within each candle, is a beautiful crystal which has been blessed by a Shaman.  

"As the candle burns, the crystals' healing energy embraces you with its magic & blessings. After burning the candle, the crystal can be placed in your sacred space or carried with you as a personal totem," remarks Lolo. 

Lolo says some favorite crystals are Rose Quartz & Amethyst, because of their well-known healing properties, plus the spiritual colors of pink & purple.

"A rose quartz crystal - revered for its powers of unconditional love, healing, & warmth - is placed at the heart of the Adoration candle," reveals Lolo. She goes on to detail how the Adoration candle is a heavenly blend of luscious red currant, divine rose oil, & White Tea. "Allow its healing energy to embrace you with its magic & blessings," she advises. 


At the heart of the Divinity candle is a blessed amethyst crystal, revered for its intuitive & spiritual gifts. This candle is a hypnotic blend of sweet Cocoa Absolute, Sandalwood, & Tobacco Flower. "As the candle burns, the crystal’s healing energy embraces you with its powerful protection & magical blessings," says Lolo. 

Lolo also shares SAINT MAIN's Ritual of Candle Lighting. She begins with how, "we light candles to illuminate darkness, dedicate prayers, solidify intentions, enhance meditation, offer blessings, & bring comfort & positive energy to our surroundings." 

Sacred candle lighting rituals have been embraced by myriad cultures & religions worldwide, explains Lolo. She adds that the candle’s flame has a unique ability to touch the deepest part of our soul with warmth & enchantment, while its fragrance quietly transforms our space. 

Lolo welcomes you to bring ancient rituals into your life with the practice of lighting one of SAINT MAIN's Soul Crystal candles:

Light around me, Light above me, Light within me …light a candle to celebrate your divine beauty

— Laurie "Lolo" Gregory, SAINT MAIN

Candle Lighting Ritual: Close your eyes & take a few soothing breaths to connect to your heart. As you light the candle, recite a blessing for yourself. "Be the person you adore the most," encourages Lolo. 


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Photos provided by SAINT MAIN