Where In The Wifi

As the month draws to a close & Pumpkin Spice Latte season comes around, it's time. Time for another edition of what I've been doing on the internet this month. 

So here's a quick glance of the three sites who're currently featuring words written by me:


I'm still jotting down what's new with this local fab + fit retailer. Click on the BEND BLOG & you'll find me posting about all of their happenings. Like BEND's in-store + vendor events for August (September happenings coming soon), the grand opening of the new store in Bridge Park (Dublin, OH), & ONE WHIRL YOGA FEST (Pittsburgh). 

Head over to the BEND BLOG by clicking here



I wrote two People Profiles for CityPulse. The first was on Kate Finley, Founder & CEO of Belle Communications. The second, was on someone I've actually worked with in the past. Halle Malcomb, Senior Manager of Marketing of The Ohio State Bar Association: 

"I really try to keep a positive outlook as well as a calm head & attitude. Work-life balance has become very important to me. I do my best not to work too late & not take any of the work stress home. When I'm home, I focus on spending time with my loved ones, my dog, & making (or finding) dinner. If I'm working on my own projects, I make sure to isolate that work within a few hours once I'm home. When the weekend hits, I'm all about me time, time with friends, & Sunday Funday. This isn't to say I don't have challenging days. When I do, I find peace in meditating often, singing & dancing at home to loud music, & good food."

Read the rest of the piece by clicking here.




I'm still writing for Willow Layne on the history of the bra. I celebrated the anniversary of the moon landing by sharing about how lingerie maker Playtex helped developed the spacesuit. I also chatted earlier this week with Bravissimo about the Lilo, & how their April Fool's joke about a pool float with a boob cut-out came to be a real product. 

Check out Mentionables, Willow Layne's blog by clicking here


Photo Credit: @rawpixel via  & Bravissimo