Conforming to History

What we wear under our clothes, while seemingly mysterious, is actually quite simple. It's just undergarments. And even though the actual underwear is simple, the history behind it is complexly constructed. 


Some months ago, I became a guest blogger for Willow Layne Lingerie. And when asked my Willow Layne creator Abigail Slone what I wanted to blog about, I had one response: super nerdy history stuff. 

And so I'm no the resident "Historical Tidbits about Undergarments" contributor for the blog. My first piece went live on Sunday, and in it, I shared a little about corsets in the 1900's, corset makers, and figure formulas. 


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Image: Royal Blue Book Of Correct Corset Styles 1910. Art and Picture Collection, The New York Public Library. 1910. (Click here