C'est Chic

You might ask yourself, "what has Dayna been doing for the past three years?" Or maybe you've just been contemplating how concerned you are about my coffee consumption. But in case it's the first one, I'll tell you. I've been the Publisher + Local Editor for Cbus Chic

Cbus Chic (not chick) is an online lifestyle blog & e-newsletter for women in Columbus. It's been around for a little over five years, and is the younger sister to Cincy Chic; which context clue, is an online lifestyle publication for women ... in Cincinnati. 

It was started by the lady in the photo above. That's us (me on the right), promoting an event we hosted with Kendra Scott last fall. 

Photo Credit:  Love Emma Photography  

Photo Credit: Love Emma Photography 

But if you wanna know more of the nitty, gritty ... then here it is! I basically delved into the internets, networking events, and just general Columbusness of the Arch City to find content for the blog. Then I would write up articles for the blog and post on FB + IG. 

Which is what I got caught doing during a Fashion Week Columbus event by a local photographer. 

I got to cover a lot of interesting nouns: people, places, and things. If you wanna some of the highlights, comment. Perhaps I'll do a roundup of my top faves. 

In the meantime, you can read pretty much everything I wrote by visiting my author tab on Cbus Chic (click here).